leadership positions
Sumant has or has had the privilege of holding leadership position in a number of global, regional and national organizations.
  • Managing Partner, Kesar Dass B. & Associates, a leading insolvency and commercial law firm
  • President, Society of Insolvency Practitioners of India
  • Chief Mentor, INSOL India
  • Chairman, ASSOCHAM National Council of Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Member, Board of Governors, the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
  • Senior international consultant, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C.
  • Senior international consultant, the World Bank Group, Washington, D.C.
  • Senior international consultant, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris
  • Member, Government of India-United Kingdom Task Force on Corporate Affairs
  • Member, Advisory Board, Institute of Asia-Pacific Business Law, University of Hawaii, U.S.A
  • Honorary Life Member, Ghana Association of Restructuring and Insolvency Advisors
  • Permanent Invitee, Executive Committee, INSOL India
  • Chairman, INSOL Africa Roundtable
Positions held in the past:
  • Past President, INSOL International (INSOL) – the International Association of Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals with HO in London, U.K, from 2009-2011.
  • Member, Managing Committee, ASSOCHAM – Association of Chambers of Commerce in India
  • Member, Regional Council, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Education Promotion Society of India
  • Chairman, Economic and Corporate Policy Committee, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman, Indian Company Secretaries Institute Course Committee on Insolvency
  • Chairman, ASSOCHAM Corporate Affairs committee
  • Member, National Foundation of Corporate Governance Core Group on Corporate Governance of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Member, Steering Committee, Forum for Asian Insolvency Reforms
  • Member, Steering Committee, Forum for Insolvency Reforms in Middle East and North Africa
  • Member, Middle East North Africa (MENA) Task Force on Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprise – established by MENA countries together with Hawkamah, OECD & IFC (World Bank Group)
  • Member, MENA Task Force on Insolvency Reforms established by INSOL, Hawkamah, OECD and World Bank
  • Member, OECD Task Force on Related Party Transactions
  • Special Invitee, Economic & Commercial Law Committee, Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Member, Legal Affairs Committee, Indo American Chamber of Commerce
  • Secretary General, INSOL India-– the Indian federation of Insolvency Professionals
  • Vice-Chair, Insolvency Committee of Inter Pacific Bar Association and Chief Liaison of the Committee with International Institutions.
  • International Administrator, M K Nambyar SAARCLAW International Moot Competition
  • Member, World Jurists Association
  • Member, Bar Association of Delhi High Court
  • Member, Debt Recovery Tribunal Bar Association
  • Life Member, SAARC Law - the legal arm of South Asian Association of Regional Countries comprising India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Maldives.