Sumant has contributed columns in a number of prestigious newspapers on policy and legal matters of national and international importance. A sample of his columns is provided here.
Need to tread cautiously
The Financial Express, 03 May, 2017
A formula to end perils of PSU profligacy
The Economic Times, 13 February, 2007
Don't delay insolvency reforms anymore
The Economic Times, 12 September, 2007
Generation gap: holding rein in family firms
The Economic Times, 13 March, 2007
How to regulate related-party transactions
The Economic Times, 10 March, 2009
Is India Inc resisting reforms?
The Financial Express, 10 March, 2009
Judiciary ought to do introspection
The Economic Times, 11 October, 2007
Make the system conducive for PE investment
The Economic Times,
Pvt equity funds' role in improving corporate governance
The Economic Times, 11 July 2007
Auction foreign loan quotas?
The Economic Times, 7 November 2007
Familial leanings & investor interest
The Economic Times, 14 March 2007
Global firms will open new oppertunities for lawyers
The Financial Express, 16 December 2005
Lift restrictions, ensure best deals for lawyers to practice abroad
LLP may be growth vehicle for entrepreneurs & professionals