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Many years ago, as a young traveler, Sumant discovered a non-descript enchanting village during one of his explorations of the Himalayan foothills of Uttaranchal. He fell in love with the place instantly and a summer house came up on the top of a hill in no time. This is where he wanted to live, he decided, but only after he had achieved his dream of becoming a famous lawyer. And, as Sumant climbed up the success ladder as a lawyer, working round-the-clock, literally, the breathtaking view of the snow-peaked mountains, lush forests, enticing apple orchards, the meandering trails, houses on terraced fields and charming people of Dhanachuli continued to beckon him.
One day, simmered in success, he paused. He reminded himself it was time. He turned, not back, but only to change paths that led to what he wanted to do thereinafter- design and open his own hotel in the mountains, a unique chai-ki-dukan, write books and poems, explore nature and find time for philanthropy.
These were his new dreams. Dreams do come true!
Te Aroha
Kumaon Literary Festival
Dhanachuli Film Festival
Room of Classics