Literature, as a form of intellectual culture, has the potential to both, entertain and educate. A story can expose readers to different places, time periods, viewpoints and cultures. Readers can gain experiences through literature they would never have access to in ordinary life. NHP Centre has successfully initiated a series of projects to apply literary art to capture the imagination and depict the lives of others to increase readers' ability to empathize with others.
Initiated by NHP Centre, #HaveASafeJourney is a countrywide story writing contest on Road Safety issues, in partnership with Mahindra Trucks and Buses and supported by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
#HASJ stems out of our firm belief that Literature can serve as an effective medium to connect and engage with people for promoting awareness, particularly among young people. Stories can cause deep influence and impressions, even on adults. Writing stories about negligence and casual approach to the road safety norms can lead to major upheavals, and loss not only for family members of victims and accused, but also for communities and the country. Stories of braveries, humanity and other inspirational stories often compel people to think more deeply than an advertisement in a newspaper. It also has a long shelf life. This will, in all likelihood, be the world’s first collection of short stories on Road Safety issues.
Sumant is the Founder- Director of #HASJ Contest.